What Is A Professional Organizer
According to the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO)”A professional organizer enhances the lives of clients by designing systems and processes using organizing principles and by transferring organizational skills.” In addition, “Professional organizers help individuals and businesses take control of their surroundings, their time, their paper, and their systems for life.” Okay, that sounds nice and formal, but here is what a professional organizer does in layman’s terms: Organizers help you clear your clutter, set up systems, and create time management processes in a quicker more effective way than most individuals can do on their own. We work with you to help you to learn new skills, strategies, and habits to create the orderly space and life you’ve been dreaming of.
Why Should We Hire A Professional Organizer?
Lets face it, there must be something about an area in your home or office that brought you to this page. Whether it was stress caused by an unorganized space, no time to organize due to your busy lifestyle, or being overwhelmed by simply not knowing where to start, you most likely have a need. Aligned Livng Professional Organizers can give you the expertise you are seeking. We are passionate about helping individuals take control of their households and businesses. We help you by setting up customized systems based on your needs and lifestyle. Best of all, we get the job done in a fraction of the time it takes individuals to do the job themselves.
Are You Going To Make Me Throw Away All Of My Things?
This is the biggest concern for the majority of our clients. The short answer is “no”, we will not make you throw away your belongings. The client has the final say in what stays, and what goes. However, purging is an important part of the organization process. Many times, understanding why we are holding on to clutter is the root of our disorganization issues. These are your belongings, and if you are not comfortable removing them from you home, then we will work with you to find a place for them
Do You Offer Any Assistance If I Want To Do The Organizing Myself?
Yes. In the case where you feel like all you need is a little direction, we can come in for a flat fee and do what we call an organizing consult. We will discuss what to do, what products to use, and then let you organize the space(s) yourself at your own pace. The fee is $75 per space. This service is only available to those within a 20 mile radius
What Does The Initial Consultation Entail?
The Needs Assessment will take approximately one hour, and take place at either your home or office. We will go over what is working for you, what is not working, and your ultimate goal for your space. After our session, we will provide you with a detailed action plan for how we plan to tackle each space. You will receive an estimate of hours, rates, and tips for getting started.
Won’t This Cost A Lot Of Money?
Aligned Living Professional Organizers views this as an investment in your life and offers extremely competitive rates that are on par with the market. Additionally, we offer a significant discount for clients that purchase a “package” of hours before beginning a session.
Can I Give Your Services As A Gift?
Absolutely. Just contact us and we can provide a personalized gift certificate for any amount.
What Are Some Of The Results I Should Expect?
It will depend on the goals we set for the area. Some projects will involve completely changing how a room functions. Other projects will simply leave you with a room or space that is tidy and functional according to your needs. Living or working in an orderly space relieves stress and makes room for peace and happiness. Perhaps you’ll find you have more time since getting rid of excess clutter eliminates 40% of the housework in an average home. (Source: National Soap and Detergent Association). Once everything has a designated “home” within your home or office finding things quickly is the result. A positive change of your physical surroundings initiates a positive change in your mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.
What If I Pay Money To Get Organized And A Month Later It Is Back To The Same Old Cluttered Home or Office?
We work hard to implement customized, functional, and sustainable solutions for you based on you personality, lifestyle, and desires. In addition to that, we teach you maintenance strategies to keep your home or office in order. We do not simply provide cookie cutter, left-brained, linear solutions if you are a right-brained, creative type. There are people however that benefit from organizing maintenence services. This is a service that we can schedule with you on a regular basis to make sure your home or office stays as functional and orderly as the first time we did it.
Is There Anything I Need To Do To Prepare For The Initial Visit Or For Organizing Sessions?
You do not need to clean or pick up prior to our assessment. In fact, it is best that we see the home in its natural state, so we can get a full understanding of your situation.
Do I have to be in attendance during the Organizing Session?
Organizing is a process that involves identifying and deciding what’s important to you and we would prefer for you to be present. However, we do understand that there will be times when you may be unable to participate.
Should I Purchase Any Organizing Products Before We Get Started?
No, we do our very best to work with what you already have. There are times when we will recommend purchasing Organizing Products after we have assessed your space, sorted and decided what is needed to proceed. If products are needed, we will provide you with a suggested list of reasonably priced items with advance notice of our next session and ask you to purchase them or we can shop for you. For your convenience, shopping services are billed at our regular hourly rate.
Will My Sessions Be Kept Confidential?
Yes, we are a completely confidential service. Our professional policy is to be non-judgmental in all of our client dealings and “what we see in your space stays in your space”. We also adhere to strict standards of professional conduct and professionalism as prescribed in the NAPO Code of Ethics. www.napo.net
What Forms Of Payment Do You Accept?
Cash or check is accepted in advance for a package deal or at the end of each work day when paying by the hour.